Qui Tam Litigation or False Claims Act

Qui Tam Litigation under the False Claims Act

Attorneys at our firm represent private individuals with knowledge of past or present fraud on the federal government in cases under the False Claims Act (FCA). The Affordable Health Care Act extends the life of the Medicare Trust Fund as a result of reducing waste, fraud, and abuse, and slowing the cost growth in Medicare. One of the most influential tools in the fight against Medicare fraud is the False Claims Act. The qui tam, or whistleblower, provisions of the Act allow individuals to bring an action on behalf of the United States and share in any recovery.

We recently represented the relator, or whistleblower, in the case of U. S. ex rel. Landis v. Hospice Care of Kansas, LLC, et al., which was pending before the United States District Court of the District of Kansas, in Kansas City, and ultimately settled for 6.1 million dollars. The case was filed under the False Claims Act, alleging that Hospice Care of Kansas, and its parent, Voyager HospiceCare, Inc., billed Medicare for services to hospice patients who were, in fact, not eligible for services under the Medicare Hospice Benefit. As part of the settlement, Landis under the qui tam provisions of the False Claims Act received payments totaling 1.342 million dollars.

Our firm’s experience in handling qui tam actions, with government intervention, is a rare find in the Greater Kansas City area. To speak with a member of the firm about matters under the False Claims Act, please contact us.

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