Jim Maloney to Speak at The Gavel National Conference II

Jim Maloney has been invited to lead a panel of top attorneys and industry professionals in a talk on the hottest topics nationwide in bad faith law.  

The Gavel is hosting its second annual conference in Boca Raton, Florida in January 2018 and has asked Jim to plan and lead a discussion for all attendees on trending bad faith subjects such as demands by plaintiffs for alternative “settlement” agreements (known by various monikers across the jurisdictions, such as “065 agreements” in Missouri, “Miller-Shugart agreements” in Minnesota, “Morris/Damron agreements” in Arizona, and “Coblentz agreements” in Florida, to name a few); the liability insurer’s duty, or lack thereof, to initiate settlement negotiations in the absence of a demand; and relations between primary and excess insurers in the bad faith context.  Jim and the panel will explore how these issues are being treated by the courts, as well as strategies for best combatting the negative and advancing the positive trends.

About the Author

James Maloney

The law of insurance coverage and bad faith is constantly evolving, and Jim is on the cutting edge. He is at the forefront of... More about James Maloney

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