Dave White Leads Abandoned Property Clinic at UMKC

David White, principal at Foland, Wickens, Eisfelder, Roper & Hofer, P.C., helps launch the innovative Abandoned Property Clinic at UMKC Law.

“This is not something you would get out of a normal class,” Abby Judah, a former student in the Abandoned Property Clinic, said of the experience.

UMKC is first among law schools to offer a program that is dedicated to abandoned properties.

“This course fits into the practical skills environment we have here [at UMKC Law],” White said. “No other school has one.”

From the UMKC website:

Through the clinic, White and his students file quiet title actions on behalf of The Land Bank of Kansas City, Mo. The Land Bank first provides a list of properties and their issues to the clinic, which then notifies any interested parties about the property. Afterward, the Clinic files a lawsuit to clear the title. The end goal of the clinic is to clear the title so that the Land Bank then owns the property and can do something with it.

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